What is Gmail? Gmail is a web based email service that gives lots of free storage space and also offers better protection against spam. Gmail can be accessed through mobile phones as well. It also has a built-in chat option.

How to Open a Gmail Account

Gmail as said earlier is a free web based email service. It is available in over 40 languages in many countries all over the world. It was started in the year 2004 and then it was only by invitation that one could open a Gmail account. But, in the year 2007 it started general registrations. It offers one gigabyte of free of storage space and this started the trend for the other email providers as well. Apart from email service the customers who sign up for Gmail services can also enjoy various other services like chat etc. Gmail can be accessed through any of the web browsers and mobile phones as well.

• Gmail login sign in only takes few minutes to register. Let us now look at the steps involved:
• Open the Gmail sign up page. On the right side there is a link which says “create an account” – click on it.

gmail.com login sign
• Give your first name and the last name in the respective fields. Select a login name and then check if it is
available. In case it is not available then the site itself will give you the alternate options.

gmail sign in
• The password should be a minimum of eight characters. It is advisable to have a password which contains both alphabets and numbers. Once you enter the password there is a meter next to it which will indicate its strength.

gmail sign in inbox gmail account

• In case you are using a system which is only accessible to you then you can remain signed in or else you should uncheck the option. You can also uncheck or check the enable web history button.
• The next is to select the security question. This is the question that will be asked if in case you forget your password. It is important to make sure that it is an answer you remember always. The next step is to type the secondary email id as it will be used to authenticate the Gmail account. This is done by Gmail so that they can keep away the scammers to have Gmail accounts. The secondary email id is asked by Gmail for mailing the password in case you forget the password.
• The location will always be preset as the United States. Preset the location to wherever you are located and then give your date of birth as well.
• The next step is to type the security verification. The letters mentioned are not case sensitive. Google needs this so that people do not have fake accounts in order to spam.
• Finally, read the terms and conditions that are mentioned and click on the “I accept create my account” button.
• Congratulations you have your Gmail id created. It will be the loginname@gmail.com

How to Sign in to Gmail account:

In order to access your emails you should sign into your Gmail account. Gmail, just as the other web based email services allows you to send and receive email messages, store contact details and organize the messages as well. You will also have the option to store your login information in your Gmail login so that you don’t have to type in the information every time you have to check your emails. Gmail can be accessed both on the mobile phone and on a computer or a laptop.

• The first step is to open the browser window
• In the address bar type gmail.com and then press the enter key.
• Enter the Gmail username and password in their respective fields.
• If the system you are using is your personal system, then you can click on the stay signed in box. This will save the username and password for your future gmail.com login sign in.
• Click on the sign in button and wait for your Gmail to load
• If you are using Gmail login in your mobile, press the menu key which is in your mobile phone and then click on the browser icon.
• In the address bar type gmail.com
• Enter your Gmail username and password
• The final step is to click on gmail.com login sign in

How to Change Gmail Password

Gmail is the web based free email service provider with the help of which you can check your emails on a computer or through a mobile phone. The most important security feature for the Gmail account is its password. The password should be changed frequently in order to make the account extremely secure. Let us now look at how to change the password:

• Open the browser and go to Gmail login
• Log in to the Gmail account
• Click on the button called settings which is at the top on the webpage
• Click on the mail settings
• Next click on accounts and import
• Click on change password. You have to first type your present password and then type the new password. The new password has to type twice to reconfirm.
• Then click on the save button.

Recover Gmail password:

If by any chance you forget your Gmail login password then, with the help of the security question you can get access to your account. But, there are chances that you would also forget your security question. In such case though complicated you can still regain your Gmail.com login sign in. The following steps will let you know how it can be done.

• When you login to Gmail there is a place where you can enter the email address and password and only then will you be able to check your emails. Below that there is a button that says sign in. Just below the sign in there is another link that says “cant access you account?” Click on this link if you do not remember your password.

• This will take you to the page which says “Forgot your Password”. Here you enter your Gmail login and click on the submit button and this will take you to the page from where you can choose a method for recovering the password.

• Gmail.com login sign in gives you a few options with which you can identify yourself and thus recovering the password becomes simple. When your email account was initially set up you would have entered your alternate email id or given your mobile number etc. With the help of this you can get back your Gmail account.

• A password reset link will be will be sent to your mobile or to your alternate email id and by clicking on it you can reset the password.

Gmail Customer Service:

Gmail is a popular web based email service and in case something goes wrong, Google provides troubleshooting tips which helps you solve problems. There are forums that one can use to chat and exchange advice and information.

Gmail provides support through the dashboard. This allows the users to get alerted for the problems that the website may currently be experiencing. Users can use forums to contact Gmail as well as the other users and get answers for their queries. Here, even the Google employees respond as well as the other Gmail users. These answers are rated and people can chose the highest rated answer and solve their problem. However, one must note that Google does not have a customer support service.